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How Kaleido Tutors started

Kaleido Tutors was founded in 2011 to offer a more personalised service to students and families, where other agencies were too big to manage their students and know their tutors personally. By having only the best qualified tutors on our books, with proven experience and qualifications before starting with us, we not only could deliver top quality tuition to students but also match tutors to students based on specific learning styles and personalities. 

As we have grown, we have worked in over 15 countries with thousands of students who have succeeded in their entrance exams and achieved top grades in their exams. We continue to have a top tier of tutors in our books, and keep in regular contact with our students' families in order to make sure the quality of the tuition and educational service they are getting is unparalleled.

Our team consists of tutors and educational consultants who value the purpose of education: to inspire intellectual curiosity, nurture skills and abilities, and open up the world and the future for all our students.

Many of our students work with us throughout their educational careers and we have had excellent feedback about the positive experiences that tuition and support from Kaleido Tutors has done for them, increasing their opportunities for their future careers and lives ahead of them.

About Us: Team Members


Founder and Head Tutor

As the managing director and founder of Kaleido Tutors, I provide educational consultancy, private tuition and also run Kaleido's interview practice, revision and online courses. 

A former Lord Mayor's scholar at City of London School for Girls, I graduated from Brasenose College, Oxford and completed a master's from Imperial College London. For over 11 years since starting up Kaleido Tutors, I have helped my students achieve their own academic successes in Mathematics, Science, English and Reasoning. I have written full length revision courses for 11+, 13+, GCSE as well as A-level and IB material for my tutors’ use from seeing where students find certain topics hard to grasp. My students have successfully entered many of the top independent day and boarding schools, and achieved top grades in public examinations.

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